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Monitoring of Solar Assets

It's been proven over the years that solar assets require zero maintenance is a myth. Solar Plants need diligent Monitoring to ensure smooth running and timely fault resolution. Since a large proportion of Solar Assets are leveraged instruments any delays in maintenance can severely dent the expected ROI from Solar Assets. Our Solar remote monitoring service offers excellent return on investment, control over your Solar Asset portfolio.

A solar power plant typically has a large number of devices deployed over a large physical area. Each device type comes with its own set of parameters. As an illustration 100 MWp plant can have 250,000 to 300,000 Solar Panels, 50 to 100 transformers, 100 inverted (or 1000s in case of string inverters), several thousand DC junction boxes and so on.

It will also have other devices like a smoke alarm, weather monitoring station, door ajar sensors, soiling stations, PPC, etc. In a year it could add up to Billions of data points. With falling tariffs and volatility in the debt markets, it is imperative to get an innovative technology partner. Our asset digitalization platform such as SWEM2M brings tremendous benefits bringing all the data in one place and structured analysis. We provide the solution for a single asset or a portfolio of assets.

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