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Design & Engineering for Solar Plants

Solar power projects require certain design and engineering expertise that is unique to this sector of the power generation industry. The designers team must have a combination of mechanical, structural and electrical and electronics engineering to achieve optimal results from Solar assets.

The needs and requirements for any particular project are in part dictated by its operating parameters, which are in turn dictated by the project’s purpose, energy load, and location. For instance, the weight tolerance of a rooftop installation may be different from the weight tolerance of a ground-mount installation, and the available mounting options will be different as well. These and other factors must be considered for proper project design and risk/opportunity assessment.

Grid conditions, local Metering regulations, pricing and availability of equipment all must be taken into design considerations to achieve the desired results.

SWE in Engineering & Design

With over 2 GW of Solar Plant design for sites in over 40 countries, SWE team have evolved a mature process model to service our customers. Large EPC companies and Developers are able to augment their teams with ours and we work seamlessly with them. Some of the C&I EPC customers outsource this activity completely to us and we work in tandem with their site engineers.

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