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Ever since the industrial revolution, human engagement with a sustainable environment has declined sharply. Human activities, especially over the past few centuries, have been the bane for our environment. Burning fossil fuels to produce energy, expulsion of chlorofluorocarbons that clog the atmosphere, depletion of forest covers which serve as the lungs of the earth – these are only some of the activities which have led to the serious threat of global warming and irreversible climate change. Now with the urgent emphasis on climate change we are presented with an unprecedented opportunity of renewing ties with sustainability in our lives, businesses and institutions .

Having realized that Solar energy is turning out to be the best replacement for the conventional energy to fight climate change, in year 2010 we formed a joint venture with a major European Renewable Energy group, to develop technology for which works practically countries with harsh environmental conditions such as in South Asia and Africa. 

We provided Project Development, Engineering and Procurement solutions to MW size ground mounted projects and several Rooftop solar projects in the Commercial and Industrial arena. We have developed industrial strength processes for these activities and cloud based IT solutions for post project commissioning Monitoring to measure and help ensure the promised benefits are delivered to end customers.

With our overall expertise in Energy and experience of working with a wide range of industries, we have started to engage with our Customers to help them achieve their ESG goals and reporting.

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